KC3 Kids Creating Community Content
International Contest

2011 Silver Winner USDLA Best Practice Award
2008 First Place ISTE – SIGTEL Award
ISTE USDLA Silver Award Winner

2013-2014 KC3 Results

Recorded Versions


  1. Economy: It's BIG in Texas! - Clyde Intermediate, Clyde, TX Teacher: Ms. Kami Ramos and Ms. Angela Burson
  2. New York State Treasure Hunt - French Road Elementary, Rochester, NY Teacher: Ms. Ellen Harp
  3. May Farm: An Animal Adventure! - Hawley Elementary, Hawley, TX Teacher: Ms. Desirie Ries

Middle School

  1. Fracking… What's All the Tension Really About? - Snyder Junior High School, Snyder, TX Teacher: Ms. Liesel Gruben
  2. Drip, Drip, Drip, sizzle: All About the Water Shortage in Texas - Eula Middle School, Clyde, TX Teacher: Ms. Kim Dean

Interactive Versions

Middle School/Past Participants

  1. Piloting Paper Airplanes - Breckenridge Junior High School, Breckenridge,, TX Teacher: Ms. Kimberly Best
  2. Wilderness Survival - Choose to Survive! - Safford Middle School, Safford, AZ Teacher: Ms. Marie Arrington

Middle School/New Participants

  1. Tie: Digital Footprints - Cisco Junior High School, Cisco, TN Teacher: Ms. Jody Seay
    Unique Tennessee: History and Science - Hilham Elementary, Hilham, TN Teacher: Mr. Patrick Randall
  2. Texans: Who Do You Think We Are? - Clyde Junior High School, Clyde, TX Teacher: Ms. Tracy Cates and Ms. Angela Burson

High School Participants

  1. The Paramount Theatre: Be Transported from Yesterday, Today and on into Tomorrow - Eula High School, Clyde, TX Teacher: Ms. Kim Dean
  2. From Santa Claus with a Gun to Paris Hilton: Cisco Has it All! - Cisco High School, Cisco, TX Teacher: Ms. Amy Dodson and Ms. Donja Cary

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